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As I get older I seem to get more tolerant of people’s moral mishaps. I was amused to discover people were making a hooha out of Nigella taking cocaine. I mean its not like there have been any other TV presenters who have taken drugs is it…

The fact is Nigella, with her sultry looks and calorific treats represents everything naughty, of course she’s going to give cocaine a go. I understand addiction too. Its the main reason why I’d never try class A drugs. Well unless they legalised ecstasy because I really quite fancy giving it a go. It certainly stacks up favorably against alcohol, the ill effects of which I was very much feeling this morning… This comes with news that the government has raised the retirement age to 70. People are going to need class A drugs to fight off the ache in their bones.

In other news, they’ve finally cast Wonder Woman… to appear as a bit part in a Superman vs Batman film. How tragic. She is perhaps the greatest icon of female independence and she can only get on screen riding the coat tails of the Bat and the big blue gimp having a brawl. Maybe she’ll turn up half way through and put them on the naughty step?

The sad thing is Joss Whedon was working on a Wonder Woman solo film that died in the production stage, you know, the same guy who met with staggering success with the Avengers film and also has a track record of building strong female characters eg Buffy the vampire slayer and Firefly. Warner clearly doesn’t know a good thing when it comes along…

Their relentlessly grim and gritty treatment of Batman and Superman has left me pretty cold, there is enough of that in the real world without insisting that viewers take characters who wear their underpants on the outside seriously. Heck I just watched Pacific Rim, a giant mecha vs kaiju film that totally kicked ass. Its time to put the fun back into blockbuster entertainment.

Talking of all things kick ass, I recently read Ender’s game, about a child genius who is turned into the ultimate war leader and tricked into committing genocide. There are parts of it that reminded me of my school days, about how vicious, even psychopathic school children can be. It really is a very good book which is eminently readable and much deeper than the film from what I’ve heard. Anyway I’m pretty certain there is no over arching theme to this post so I’m just going to leave it there.


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