Nelson Mandela, flooding and feeling down in the dumps.

Nelson Mandela has died. I am inadequate to the task of writing his obituary so I’m not going to. Suffice to say he is a giant of a man, a man who embraced the power of forgiveness and through that helped build a nation from the madness of apartheid. I am not fond of collective grief. It seems wrong to intrude upon the loss that his loved ones must be feeling. I felt the same way when Diana died. But in this case the enormity of what he achieved demands to be recognised on an emotional level. RIP Nelson Mandela.

In UK news my block of flats only managed to avoid temporarily being rendered an island by a tidal barrier. So whilst I was oblivious for the most part to the whole flooding situation my blissful ignorance was only possible due to an impressive feat of engineering. It reminds me that we should have faith in humanity to overcome whatever comes our way, but that we should be humble in the face of the awesome power of nature.

We should pray for anybody whose home was flooded, I’ve lived through that particular struggle, it is quite simply hellish and difficult to avoid because your foundations can flood without you even knowing it. You are landed with rising damp which can only be fixed by stripping the plaster and bringing in industrial dehumidifiers that turn a house into a noisy dusty hell hole.

In personal news, I think seasonal affective disorder has piled on top of my depression, I am feeling just awful today, I just want to die. I was awake at 4am, now I’m feeling exhausted and I’ve had so much coffee that I’ve got hypertension to boot. I’m dreading my interview with the people at the jobcenter on Monday, I’m not good at describing my mental state in person. Its very difficult to tell someone you are basically an emotional wreck.

Also I’m getting sick of having to add words to the Google dictionary… its not like I’m using words nobody has ever heard of. I have to keep opening the Oxford English dictionary to find that the word underlined is actually spelt correctly. Yes spelt is a word, as is affective, you moronic faceless overlords of the internet! Harumpf!


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