Well I survived my pointless jobcenter interview, I’m to be sent for another pointless interview on Tuesday where they’ll talk to me about lots of jobs I’m under no obligation to apply for, which is good because I won’t be. Interestingly they did offer some real advice about contacting MIND, it seems they have finally cottoned onto the mental illness epidemic. They also heartily advocated voluntary work, which is perhaps the first manifestation of David Cameron’s Big Society that I’ve encountered. Previously I’ve been admonished not to do voluntary work by the jobcentre which is daft if you ask me.

Anyway, by mistake, I broke my rule about reading about Pope Francis. Andrew Klavan, the blogger I linked to in my last post, decided to try and read the Pope’s exhortation. Bless his cotton socks, he’s not even Catholic and he’s done what I can’t muster the energy to do. And to put it simply he’s confused about what the Pope is trying to say about capitalism. Anyway, here’s a link.

Andrew Klavan’s conclusion was that capitalism needs a little bit of regulation, more charity and compassion to benefit society. Without the creation of real worldly wealth i.e. capitalism, there can be no charity but dreams of “fairness” i.e. socialism, that always ultimately turn into dreams of tyranny. That is exactly what I hope the Pope is saying. I just wish people like Andrew Klavan could be more sure of what Pope Francis is saying and I think that’s where the Pope’s provocative style is in need of more clarity.

The Church has had forty years of ambiguity post Vatican 2. We don’t need more of it. The Papacy is the most intensely scrutinised office in the world, broadcasting a clear message is perhaps the most important part of the job.

I also find it interesting that Benedict, in his theological books, clearly indicated that what he was saying wasn’t infallible. Even though frankly they were so well thought through I can’t believe there would be anyone who would disagree, but maybe there are. Why has the Papal exhortation not been written in this way, as a book, if its 300 pages long? is an exhortation the same as an encyclical? Anyway, I guess I’m going to have to read it at some stage… it seems a bit Tiggerish to my Eeyore.


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