Space, the final frontier.

Last night I played Homeworld. Its a fantastic space strategy game as near to full 3D as has ever been, as it is maps tend to focus on a 2D plane and ships tend to gravitate towards flying in that way but minor gripes aside it truly is a joy to play.  It is also a triumph of aesthetics over graphics. Its an old game, from 1999, yet it still holds up, even looks beautiful in places, the music is good, the voice acting is very good. The story is good too. For a space opera it has a fair bit of story telling nuance and nods towards religion that aren’t instantaneously dismissive. The universe is too epic to be Godless, as one of my favourite bloggers points out in his review of the film Gravity.

I missed mass today, was too depressed to go. I love Mass. This is what I find so difficult to explain about depression. I hate the whole victim culture but tomorrow I have to go to a meeting and tell a complete stranger the depth of my dysfunction. Its going to be humiliating, depressing, counter productive. And what’s more if I don’t sell it to them that I’m a massive mess they have the power to make me homeless…

A cat’s purr makes a cat happier, it gets a little bit happier it purrs, it makes itself even more happier. I wish I had that kind of mechanism. Instead I have to stoke my own misery in order to appease the system. When I registered for my new (and quite useless) GP I said my job was a writer. Maybe I should write a space opera and make myself a fortune? the trick is seamlessly working pirate space monkeys into the plot I reckon.


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