To PC or not to PC

Well I bought a game (Europa Universalis 4 to be precise) a couple of days ago for my now very decrepit PC and well, my PC didn’t like it. So it leaves me with a question. How much money should I: splurge/ask my parents for Christmas, on an upgrade.

Buying a PC is very difficult because it is an endless bell curve of potentially limitless expense. I think you just have to pick a modest point on the curve which enables you to upgrade it in the future whilst still being relatively good now. Even then the build I came up with, in order to be vaguely future proof, was £630… That is a lot of money, so it might end up becoming a joint Christmas/birthday present.

I can only remotely think this might be a good value because the new Xbox and the new Playstation look terrible (and are £410 and £350 respectively) and the WiiU is perhaps too aimed at the kids for my liking. Of the three the WiiU, at the moment, looks the best, certainly if you have kids.

The launch titles for the Xbone and the Pizzer have been complete tosh, I saw a chunk of them rapidly arriving in the used games shop only days after they had been released! Bearing in mind they cost £50 a pop this is shocking. With a PC all you have to do is wait for the inevitable Steam sale and you can pick up great games for peanuts. Plus there is a vibrant modding community on the PC.

Unfortunately the WiiU seems to be at a bad spot on the aforementioned bell curve, not enough third party developers are picking it up and even Nintendo is being slow to release games for it. Also Nintendo seems to be a tiny bit slower to innovate whilst not re-releasing their franchises as quickly as they could. Ironically, I’ve heard one of the best games for WiiU is a HD remake of Wind Waker.

But the games Nintendo are releasing have these amazing things called colours. I’m not sure Microsoft and Sony have heard of such a thing… their games seem dull, grey and brown, Mario 3D world on the other hand is gloriously vibrant. It seems to me if you are going to go down the HD gaming route you might as well throw in some red yellow and blue. Make the world a better place!

Anyway I’ll be keeping my fingers crossed for my fantasy PC this Christmas.


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