The problem of materialism… and wanting a new PC

There is no doubt my desire for a new PC is materialistic. And I think I’ve sown seeds of resentment for myself in daring to hope for one. Oh well. Now I wish there was something less expensive that I’d fixed my sights upon.

In other news Time magazine has made Pope Francis man of the year, and praised him for doing things he has never done… see Fr Barron. What is even more worrying is that is I’ve seen Catholics take up this divisive stance. Like somehow Benedict and Francis are apposed to one another, they really aren’t.

A Facebook acquaintance of mine, probably soon to being mutually blocked, posted a picture with the caption “Daddy why are there no Jews, Christians or Muslims in Star Trek?” “Because its the future” was the answer. This is exactly my problem with a lot of science fiction out there written by atheists.

The very first thing Buzz Aldrin did after landing on the moon was take communion. Thanks to abortion and contraception, if anything atheism stands more chance of being extinct in the future… The awe and wonder the universe inspires naturally lends itself to religious thought and the human brain is predisposed to doing just that. Maybe I’ll write a book about Catholics in space? I guess they’ll have to be fighting the pirate space monkeys…

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