Backward book big in Spain and Italy…

Granada’s Archbishop Francisco has published an idiotic book that seems like a submissive fetishists dream. How can such a dolt get to the episcopacy never mind become an archbishop? There is a perception that the Catholic Church is misogynist, I don’t think its true, but this is how that perception gets around. The Pope should tell him to put a cork in it asap. Either that or at least have the decency to put fluffy handcuffs and a riding crop on the cover.

In other but potentially related news, I’ve been going to parish socials recently schilling for our post mass pint group. Mainly because I want men and women to be exposed to each other’s faith. It seems likely that we could learn from each other, but the women go to RCIA and the men go down the pub.

Our little group are in favour of kneeling to receive communion, no communion on the hand, no extraordinary Eucharistic ministers, receiving communion under one kind, ad orientem worship, Gregorian chant, latin in the liturgy, the understanding that the most important form of active participation is silent prayer. I wonder if a lot of Catholics have even heard the rationale behind these positions? I know for sure they’ll never debate them in RCIA though… so are we are back to Church sexual politics again?


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