The standard of debate in this country is going through the floor. The house of commons has always been somewhat of a monkey house but more and more I’m finding it harder to seriously discuss anything of importance with anyone, bar my Labour councilor friend.  The visceral hatred the left has for the right knows no bounds, the people on the right who didn’t wait for Mandela’s body to cool before calling him a terrorist…

People who favour gay marriage who don’t remotely understand why anyone could be apposed to it without being a homophobe. The people who think Barack Obama is fantastic, (very few of them American these days) without knowing anything of his legislative track record. There are people who’ve read his book who think he’s pro life! (for the record he voted four times in favour of leaving babies to die who survived an abortion).

Is it so difficult to understand or even respect people you disagree with? I can respect people like Clement Attlee (that he didn’t get a state funeral was a misstep) and Michael Foot, who muffed his election chances due to TV gaffes but would have made a far better PM than Ed Miliband ever will. But it seems there is a vicious hatred for people like Margret Thatcher (never mind she presided over one of the biggest and broadest expansions of wealth in this nation’s history). I even find the hatred for Cameron unbecoming though I agree he is an empty suit.

Being able to rationally debate a subject is absolutely essential to our democratic life. The appallingly low standard of debate in our society is sowing the seeds of apathy and apathy is the appetizer of tyranny.

(clearly I’m not the only one who thinks so, I read this five minutes after posting…)

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