The Avengers Christmas special. (I wish they were making).

Well I just slept for fifteen hours. I guess I was tired. This is because I watched The Avengers yesterday and I couldn’t get to sleep afterwards till 5am. I was too excited! Its a great film and I defy anyone not to get wrapped up in its childlike enthusiasm. The Hulk, Thor, Iron Man, Black Widow… Captain America, Hawkeye (who were a bit flat but never mind) and Samuel L Jackson, basically playing himself at his most badass. So much fun. My only niggle with the film is that due to film licensing Wolverine and Spider Man couldn’t turn up and get in on the action. Both were at various times members of the Avengers in the comics.

Its so good to see the director Joss Whedon meeting with the success he deserves, and by not bothering with the po faced gritty realism path that Warner Bros are drearily trudging down. This is the kind of film where you are on an aircraft carrier that looks pretty cool, then the aircraft carrier takes off and flies, now that’s freaking sweet!

I’ve also been playing Supreme Commander, which is an interesting old strategy game… the three sides are basically Fascism, Communism and Theocracy but with a sci-fi slant. I prefer the Cybrans (half human half AI) who are trying to free their enslaved brothers and have a suspiciously Russian bent to them. All three are planning an ultimate weapon take down on the others and its a race to see who gets there first. The only problem is that the levels end up taking me nearly two hours at a time to complete even on easy mode… Its one of those games where you start playing and bam its 4am and you’ve got hypothermia from sitting still in a freezing room building that extra regiment of battle droids to take out the enemy base….

Talking of communism I had my pointless work program meeting with a nice girl called Lucy. Work program sounds vaguely Stalinist to me, but I assure you it wasn’t. She handed me things to sign and I asked if I had to sign them, she said no, so I didn’t sign them. How many millions of pounds is being wasted on this stuff? I dread to think. Oh well. I’m on the ESA not the JSA so I don’t have to apply for the jobs they give me. Thank God.

Not long till Christmas and I thought I’d nab me some online bargains… unfortunately I forgot to check how long they’d take to arrive before I hit the buy button. Now it seems I’ll be lucky to get them before new year. Nothing like a Christmas card with an IOU in it… I’ve still no idea what to get for my parents… my Dad said he’s saving up for a telescope to go star gazing with, I’m not sure my meager means will take him very far in that direction. Maybe I should get him a book on astrology, or is it astronomy? hmm. Can’t be that much difference surely.


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