Happy new year!?

Well I’m drinking Jura Superstition, which is a superb peated single malt, watching 2013 Glastonbury highlights. In about five seconds flat I heard better music than the entirety of the Jools Holland new years show. Mainly because the first two acts I saw were two all female groups. One did some kind of amazing rock/funk thing. No idea what the band was. Then the second was a black woman with a guitar in a different language. But it was the best thing I’ve heard in a very… very long time. Then on with the show. Gotta keep the wheels rolling. Like the rolling stones. Well if they are all still alive then I guess I can take another glass of scotch…

I think my greatest achievement this year is getting a year older. And despite myself I am wiser. I look back at how I was just after converting, judgmental. When Jesus asked “he who is without sin cast the first stone?” the eldest left first. I’m not even good at sinning. My sins are truly pitiful. But gradually I’m learning to drop the stone and walk away. Now if only I could stop throwing the stones at me.

This last year I’ve been dueling with the entire male/female divide. Sexuality is such an important part of who I am. I hate to resort to cliche but the English are terrified of sex. And here I am with a sexuality that doesn’t fit into our nice English boxes. Who would dare to take me on? Well whoever you are out there in the big wide world: I dares ya! you won’t regret it.

So as I listen to Nick Cave and the Badseeds, Nick’s got rid of the handlebar mustache unfortunately. Now its time to dance till I’m not drunk anymore. No not me, but the song on next. (see what I did there) Music gives us freedom to be exuberant, to be unnecessary. If I have become intolerant of one thing it is puritanism, the bravest man in the universe is the one who has forgiven first. (thats a ray charles quote I think) (that’s God by the way).

This year I’ve talked to people who don’t believe in Hell. God is being, he is eternal, the idea that God would create something he loves, then destroy it seems, to me, to be anathema to him. A soul in Hell is less depressing than a soul destroyed. What does that tell us about the value of our souls? God created us and he cannot think to destroy us, because he loves us.

Is Hell simply the granting of every sinful wish? does it lead inexorably to misery because we are incapable of giving ourselves joy? I think so. Hell is the correct place for a damned soul because to truly reject God is to prefer what Hell offers. Now we as Christians have to ask ourselves, honestly, truthfully, do we truly desire heavenly things? If we do then we can bet everything on Jesus. Are we ready?


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