Isn’t it wonderful that the French tolerate affairs? No actually.

In the wake of the presidential sex scandal in France, people have been posting stories congratulating the French for their casual approach to affairs and supposedly sex. Meanwhile the presidents soon to be ex partner was taken to hospital for some undisclosed therapy to deal with the fallout. This is the emotional cost. So never mind that a woman has to totter out of a ward probably drugged up in order to deal with the reality of what has happened to her. The feeling of being humiliated before the entire nation and the expectation that she should be ‘ready to forgive’ the useless lout. I say throw the crockery at him, set his bed on fire and leave this situation that is destroying your mental health as soon as humanly possible

It is not a good thing it is acceptable in France that a successful man can have a wife and a mistress. Its always successful men too isn’t it. Seems to me the kind of women who marry slightly less successful men have a trifle more self respect than to live a sham marriage for the sake of appearances. It also seems that the men probably wouldn’t cope with their successful wife having a bit on the side either…

What amazes me though is how this nasty lefty keeps batting well above his average, he’s an ugly little toad, he’s ruining his country with unreformed socialism, his popularity is Hades low, he’s a known philanderer and women still seem to be taken with him. Its a well known fact that someone who has been unfaithful in the past is far far more likely to be unfaithful in the future. Do the warning bells not start going off? along with the klaxon and the pre-recorded message “run to the hills”!?

Anyway good luck to Valerie Trierweiler and for the love of God find somebody who loves you before its too late.


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