Hope dies last

There is a very depressing German saying; hope dies last.

Well yes, the amount of idiocy I’ve seen on the internet this week makes me seriously worried about the future of not only this country but the human race. It is said that stupidity and hydrogen are the two most abundant substances in the galaxy. The depth of that stupidity is boundless. People think they won’t be fooled again. Yes they will.

Even a casual observer should be able to notice that mass immigration should benefit the rich most. Business owners and property owners. Wage levels deflate or stagnate while housing costs go through the roof, both because of a simple mechanism of supply and demand. But still the idiots out there cannot contemplate any rational discussion of immigration but would far rather scream racist/fascist! at people. People wonder why the gap between the rich and poor soared during the Blair-Brown years (when they opened the floodgates) and now Ed Miliband is nibbling around the edges of the “cost of living” crisis he and his party manufactured in the first place.


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