Alfred the Great’s bones!

Alfred the Great’s bones have quite possibly been found in a cardboard box in Winchester museum, here is the story.

That article cheered me up no end yesterday, I especially like the conscious decision to read the Catholicism back into medieval English history and expose the vicious activities of Thomas Cromwell and his cronies, which had nothing to do with reforming the Church and everything to do with robbing it blind. Serious revision is required in order to purge the legacy of anachronistic protestant determinism (as espoused by David Starkey et al) and put the Catholicism back into the history of this land.

King Alfred the great, one of the most important Kings in English history, (granted the moniker, the great, is a bit of a clue) was Catholic, and if it is verified that these are his bones then I couldn’t agree more with the sentiment that he deserves a Catholic reburial in Westminster Cathedral.


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