Medieval total war 2: Battle Report

I just won my greatest ever victory in Medival total war 2: Kingdoms, as Saladin vs Richard the Lionheart. He had a bigger army (2400) comprised of knights, men at arms and sergeant spearmen all in chainmail. I had 1800 troops mostly comprised of completely un-armoured fanatics with clubs and axes, 480 macemen in chainmail, 480 archers, Saladin’s personal retinue were my only cavalry.

First I hit his troops with dead cows from my trebuchets reducing the morale of his army, and forcing his troops to march across the entire map, then just as he advanced his archers into range I charged my fanatics, the archers retreated but back into the body of his army, preventing his knights from unleashing a charge that would have certainly won the battle in a single stroke. Then I charged my heavy infantry into the milieu of knights and archers on their left and right flank.

Saladin was everywhere repeatedly raising my army’s morale from breaking point. His personal bodyguard charged four units of knights which were already engaged crushing each with minimal casualties one after the other, rescuing my archers and many beleaguered infantry units in the process. My archers had been kept mostly intact and had been raining death on the center of the enemy battle line that I hadn’t engaged for most of the battle. (I didn’t have the troops).

Saladin’s bodyguard then hit several infantry units in the flanks preventing the crusader army from encircling my army by attacking through the middle. Towards the end of the battle my left wing managed to surround a force larger than they were doing more damage than they should have been capable of. Saladin’s guard then managed to charge Richard’s command unit from behind after they’d gotten bogged down in the melee killing two thirds of the unit and most importantly Richard himself prompting his army to break. The rest was mopping up.

All in all my army lost two thirds of its strength and all but 36 of my macemen, but I’d annihilated Richard’s army, my casualties were cheap and replaceable whereas theirs were not. Saladin’s bodyguard probably accounted for a quarter of their army. Anyone else have any epic gaming stories?


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