Things that make the rich richer and the poor poorer.

There are lots of things in this world that subtly help the rich at the expense of the poor, and they are not always the things you might expect.

A minimum wage rise for example basically takes a hammer to people on benefits. Pointless ‘renewable’ energy. Immigration. Tax credits that the poor often don’t understand or know to claim. Stealth taxes. VAT. Quantitative easing. Our ‘progressive’ tax system, that still taxes the poor far far too much. Our astronomically high housing costs. Multiculturalism that permanently alienates ethnic minorities. Business regulation that makes it harder to employ people or creates costs that are passed on to the consumer. The increasing cost of things that whilst not essential are basically necessities for modern life, eg healthy food, decent clothes, transport, telecoms. Heck, almost everyone needs a tipple to get through the grinding drudgery of life.

I’m sure that there are plenty more that I haven’t remembered. If the government tackled these problems it would leave Labour spinning. Sadly it won’t. And Labour won’t either, and is in fact responsible for the creation of a lot of these problems in the first place. It is no mistake that the gap between the rich and the poor soared under the Blair/Brown administration. Because you can add tax and spend socialism to the list. Why? Because the rich can afford clever accountants who can help them squirrel money away, or are rich enough to survive anyway or leave to pastures new, whilst the poor are thoroughly hindered in any attempt at social mobility.


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