The reason why politicians lie to us? and Evangelism…

Our country is in a hot hot mess. Today Nigel Farage said something I agree with, but my heart instantly welled up with the thought “Noooo Nige what are you doing!?!?”. Yes this is his comment about hand guns. Yes they were banned too quickly after a tragedy. It is ludicrous that our Olympic shooting teams should have to practice abroad. But if you say so everyone is going to think of the USA, where every lunatic and street hoodlum has a gun, the police are armed like soldiers and are frequently just as trigger happy as the criminals.

There are other things we need our politicians to lie to us about. Maternity leave is another thing UKIP are way out in front of. They expose the lunacy of a small business, with say five to ten employees, being expected to pick up the tab for 33-39 weeks of paid maternity leave, £136 a week. This on top of paying someone else to do the job. This is a massive burden, placed directly on small businesses (which comprise 50% of our economy). But saying this is going to land them in hot water with every woman in the world.

The problem of being the first to stick your head above the parapet is the likelihood of getting your head blown off. There is virtually no way to defend their position because part of their reasoning is theoretical. Yes reducing the risk of employing people to small businesses should vastly improve the economy, it makes perfect sense, but can this be pointed out to women afraid to lose half their maternity pay under UKIP’s plan’s to have the state pick up half and allow business to pick up the other half at their own discretion?

The fact is politicians lie to us because we demand that they do. We were the ones who elected Tony Blair, we choose shifty PR spinners over ideologically coherent people every time. David Cameron and Nick Clegg might as well have been Tony Blair clones.

I’m beginning to think this problem may be endemic in all areas of life. Take Catholicism for example. How do you convert people to Catholicism? in a lot of significant ways it is exceptionally inaccessible. I think its like Stilton. How do you persuade anyone to eat Stilton if they’ve never even tried cheese before. They say “ew its moldy!”. The problems of the Catholic Church are not superficial. We are Stilton, almost all we offer is the Mass, with no explanation, when people are walking in off the streets, a spiritual desert. First they need bread and water. The Catholic Church has, to an extent become obsessed with the Mass. To the extent that we have no idea how to introduce people to Christianity.

The alpha course, as much as I hate it, is half of the solution, or at least its asking the right questions, we need to pick an accessible starting point. Something that explains the why of going to Mass before we jump into explaining the Mass. Evangelical Christianity is booming. It seems to me they have something easily accessible, a mile wide and an inch deep, but there is no law against Catholics doing things in addition to the Mass.

Personally speaking I went through the whole evangelical stage, and now if I never hear another modern ‘worship’ ‘song’ again it will be too soon. So perhaps I’m not the right person for the job? At this stage I feel like I’ve gone so far towards the stilton the cheddar has no appeal, but maybe I’m stretching the metaphor too far now…


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