St Charles the first. Really?

Well it seems this week is well and truly embrace the rage week. Today a friend of mine posted something on Facebook about St Charles the first. Oh deary me. Of all the awkward things about being Anglican surely St Charles the first is the most galling. The man was an idiot. He lost his throne by being a pig headed fool, he betrayed one of his most ardent supporters in a vain attempt to save his own hide. He caused his country immeasurable suffering and left it in the very dubious hands of the thoroughly despicable Oliver Cromwell. He did not die for his faith but for being an ego maniacal sore loser convinced to the last of his divine right to rule. To quote Michel Eyquem de Montaigne “Tis so much to be a king, that he only is so by being so.”

Yes Cromwell and his army of skinheads were religious philistines but that doesn’t necessarily make people who opposed them Saints. Sectarian civil wars are always horrendous mistakes of history and hardly anybody comes out of them smelling of roses. If anyone should be Sainted it is the friends mentioned in Simon Schama’s excellent TV program on the subject. They who through no fault of their own ended up on opposite sides of the conflict due to their respective obligations of duty, honour and loyalty and who wrote to each other bemoaning that really they had no desire to be fighting one another at all.

When I said as much in far fewer words my comment was promptly deleted, fair enough. But there’s nothing like having my opinion silenced to add fuel to my anger issues. So here I am, ranting about something that really I shouldn’t be giving the time of day. So Charles, if you are in heaven, pray for me a sinner.


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