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Last week I found out that my Dad thought Charles the first was a Catholic Saint. We had a good chuckle about that.

In other news Philip Seymore Hoffman died aged 46, of a drug overdose. 46. Heroin is a vexing drug, why do people even start? There is a great Philip K. Dick book called A Scanner Darkly. Its a sci-fi drugs story about a narc informer trying to find the source of a drug. The only problem is he has to take the drug in order to infiltrate the dealers and the drug causes psychosis, multiple personality disorder and paranoia… Really worth a read. But at the end of the book it has a list of what happened to the author’s real life friends and it isn’t happy ever after reading material. Its a list of drug related chronic illness and deaths and Philip K. Dick wasn’t into heroin but amphetamines. RIP Philip Hoffman.

Moving on, I watched the Superbowl last night. Or more precisely I watched until half way through the third quarter when it became too excruciating to watch. Crikey it was depressing, I’m not the biggest Broncos fan in the world. Mostly I just like watching Peyton Manning play. But I hate the Seahawks. Sadly there was nothing Peyton could do to save his team from a thorough drubbing, in fact the Seahawks defense had the wily veteran well and truly rattled.

It leaves me with the conclusion that oftentimes a good defense is the best offence. You don’t have to have the greatest offense in the world if all you need to do is score nine points. As it happenes they scored 2 points in the first five seconds, a full quarter of Denver’s final score, and the fastest score in Superbowl history.

The Seahawks D were everywhere, they were fast, vicious, and were constantly committing minor fouls so the referees couldn’t call them on it otherwise the game would grind to a halt. The team psychology of it all was amazing to behold. This young team, none of whom had previously been to the Superbowl, (arguably the biggest sporting event in the world) emerged on the pitch relatively cool calm and collected, filled with the invincibility of youth. On the other hand the Broncos team of veterans were a quivering mess. It really was appalling to watch.

It was the most one sided Superbowl I’ve ever seen, it was all Denver could do to avoid a whitewash. Even the half time show offered no respite, it was dire. Bruno Mars was obviously designed to appeal to the ladies and good luck to them on that front. The NFL has been successfully seeking a female audience for a few years now. Their assiduous devotion to breast cancer awareness month is a sight to see. (Lots of burly men in pink). But basically the old rockers the Red Hot Chili Peppers came on and made the title act look exceptionally dull. Then the very moment the second half started Percy Harvin scored a kickoff return touchdown for the Seatle to really twist the knife, at 29-0 the game was effectively over.

Moving on I’ve come up with a theory as to why men are better than women. Men know women are better than men. So they work to impress them. Rarely do you see women working to impress a man, women dress to impress other women, they know a man won’t notice after a couple of pints. This struggle, to not appear a complete loser, is what raises men, makes them great. So what if its all fakery, lies, arrogance and misogyny at least they try.

I’ve also come up with another theory, I think I prefer to be mildly amused over hysterical merriment. I watched Top Gear today. Yes its a tired old formula, but it was comforting and yes, mildly amusing for the best part of an hour. Frankie Boyle may have been the last comedian to make me cry with laughter but crying isn’t something we normally associate with being a good thing, hysterical laughter is borderline painful. It is uncontrollable, it makes it hard to breathe. Give me mild amusement any day.


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