Diamonds in the rough.

I read an almost completely vacuous article about how climate change caused the floods today, it came with the old chestnut of the weather being unprecedented… (except its happened before…) But whilst I could feel my brain turning to mush the article got one thing right. We should be planting trees, lots and lots of trees. Why? Because they drink up the water. This is a very simple common sense solution and would undoubtedly be good for the environment. I have no problem believing that paving over the entirety of the south of England into greater Londonia has had dire results for water management. This made me think there could very well be gems of worth out there that most people ignore because they are, sorry to be crass, covered by an avalanche of bullshit.

In film news, the Lego Movie looks really really good the first film I can’t wait to rush to the cinema to see since Pacific Rim. On the other hand Robocop 2014 looks utterly dire. The origional Robocop was a classic, it was self aware without being smug, it was satirical, it was funny, it had a good story. What are the chances that a banal 12A certificate modern remake is going to capture the anarchic spirit of the original? absolutely zero.

There is also a Matthew McConaughey film, Dallas Buyers Club, about a Texan HIV sufferer who smuggled medication into America, who, shock horror, comes to the conclusion abstinence was the correct response to being a HIV carrier. Is Hollywood finally coming to the conclusion that condoms aren’t the solution to the global AIDS crisis? No I wouldn’t bet on it. It reminds me a bit of the film Juno, making a subtle dig at the abortion culture whilst still ticking all the right liberal boxes. But still we should recognise these diamonds in the rough and celebrate them.


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