Good Old Games

As an inveterate gamer I’m always looking for good games, the only problem being that modern games spend so much money making the graphics shiny they forget about how the game plays. It seems this problem is only going to get worse as PC’s and consoles rush towards high definition. A few blog posts ago I told you about an old game I bought on GoG (Good Old Games) called Syndicate. I’ve played it through three times now. Its superb and its sent me off on a nostalgia trip.

I still remember the Tie Avenger and Tie Defender from the X-Wing games, they were the best. I remember the idiotically crap Mech pilot called Rooster from Mech Commander 1. His annoying voice and his tendency to prematurely eject from barely damaged mechs made you wish he was killed by a lucky shot to the head. The unmatched feeling of freedom in Freespace 2 and Elite. Alpha Centauri’s factions, I always played as the Spartans of course because they kicked ass and their leader was a sexy Latina.

The hours spent playing Worms. The sound of your mech stomping through trees in MechWarrior 4. The rapid fire Chinese crossbowmen in Age of empires 2. The feeling you get when you loot a particularly good item in Diablo 2. The insane difficulty level of Commandos. The vomit in Theme Park that showed you’d made a particularly good roller-coaster. The music and voice acting from Homeworld, filled with pathos.

I remember trying to take the Kyoto region in the early stages of a Shogun campaign desperately trying to kill the fanatical warrior monks hiding in the forests to no avail and doing exactly the same thing when I installed it again December of last year (the trick is to somehow lure them out of the woods then hit them with arrows, your samurai will get munched in melee). So many good old games, so little time.


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