Vincent Nichols does his Christian socialist routine.

It seems Vinny “soon to have a red hat” Nichols has decided to single-handedly revive the notion of Christian socialism. Good luck to him I say. As far as I can tell the godless Guardianistas have taken over the political left quite completely, it seems if you are a lefty these days you almost have to be an atheist in favour of abortion, euthanasia and believe fervently in the vexing notion of global over population to be remedied by mass sterilisation and homosexuality. There used to be a big niche on the left for woolly liberal Christians to minister to the wayward and unwashed. Now, sadly, not so much.

Not that I think he’s right about admonishing our government for attempting to avoiding national bankruptcy (and the mother of all spending cuts that would go along with such a calamity) limiting benefits payouts to £26k a year is hardly stealing little Timmy the match seller’s matches is it? How many kids do these people have that a fairly considerable sum like that still equates to poverty? Maybe this is something that affects Londoners with absurdly high rent, but surely the answer to that is move?

But he did say something very sensible, the penalties for not getting all the bureaucratic boxes ticked are real and harsh. Being dyslexic and suffering from at times severely debilitating depression (where opening the post seems nigh on impossible) I have fallen foul of the DWP a couple of times. So have my friends. Bureaucratic snafu’s have caused me serious harm, and if my parents hadn’t have bailed me out I’d have been in serious trouble.

It seems to me, there is a perfectly sensible Tory solution. Lets slash this red tape. Rationalize the system. Stop the state taking with one hand to give with another. Send emails or text messages rather than post. Less red tape and paper shuffling will mean lower costs and more efficiency, getting the benefits to those who need it most.

Maybe, after all is said and done, we should simply scrap this idiotic notion of deserving and undeserving poor. Get rid of means testing entirely, save ourselves a fortune in the process and give a flatter rate of benefits to everyone after factoring in family size? Although it seems to me that people in work, desperately saving up to be able to afford to have another child probably shouldn’t be subsidizing the reproductive organs of the special brew brigade… Working out how to do that without raising child poverty seems to me to be an impossible conundrum unfortunately.

In more personal gaming news I’ve been playing MechCommander 2. Its a superb game. The story is good, the voice acting is good. Even the mission briefing cut-scenes are good. There is a game, Supreme Commander, where your general is in a big Mech and he builds lots of generally smaller units. MechCommander you control a whole squad of big mechs with none of this tedious building malarkey, a far more exciting proposition. I’m just about to do the final mission of the second campaign with MadCat, Thor, Ryoken, Vulture and Cyclops mech’s. Its blatantly a trap but with that load out it won’t be a problem.


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