Wake me up in the spring.

This is the worst time of year for me, the long dark days of winter just before spring, when it feels like its never going to end. I’ve spent most of the past two weeks in complete nocturnal isolation so debilitating I’ve been tempted to go hungry rather than go out and buy food.

Its not helped by the news of the world being rather grim. China really needs to be knocked down a peg. Bullying America, I didn’t even think that was possible, and other world leaders for meeting with the Dali Lama. I’m not that keen on the Dali Lama, but anyone should be free to speak to him. Nobody officially recognizes Tibet anymore or mentions the cultural genocide being carried out there. The relocation camps, the gulags and the sterilisation program.

China has just completed a huge naval exercise, simulating an island landing, if China invades the Senkaku islands who is going to stop them? Japan can’t, its armed forces don’t have the offensive capability, would America go to bat for Japan over a few rocks? probably not and every time China gets away with asserting its increasingly outrageous territorial claims it gets bolder. There may be trouble ahead.

Also the Ukraine is getting into the news again. All I know about the Ukraine is what I learnt from Top Gear last Sunday. That and they have an utterly broken and totally corrupt political system. The protesters don’t really care much for the opposition who are nearly as bad as the government. So I guess its kind of like here, only worse.

My favourite Telegraph blogger, James Delingpole, has moved on to pastures new, where will I go now for my global warming skeptic demagoguery? and Wayne Rooney has landed a retirement deal, £300k a week until he’s 34. He’s not even that good anymore, Man United need to rebuild their squad from the ground up if they want to go back to their winning ways keeping Rooney with such an outrageous deal is a sign of desperation more than anything else.

In my search for a less tense game than Mech Commander 2 I went and got Jagged Alliance 2 off GoG. Well that was a mistake wasn’t it. Sure the combat may be turn based, but if anything I think its even more tense as a result, and its very hard. Even on easy your little mercenaries are rather fragile and can’t hit a barn door, even if you can do everything right, like getting them to lie prone behind a tree and they can still get shot in the head and die. They can take a ridiculous amount of punishment, but the bad guys are like walking fridges to make up for their near suicidal AI. Back to the drawing board.


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