The myths of our age.

Well the full story about the flooding in the Somerset levels is finally coming out. That this disaster was entirely man made. It isn’t a shock to me, the web of lies spun by eco fanatics is so pervasive it seems obvious that the natural conclusion is pure criminality. But maybe this rude awakening will take people like David Cameron by surprise. The Cameroons love listening to ‘experts’ because most of them haven’t had an original thought in their lives. Now they discover what I discovered at university, that most experts talk utter rubbish and only get away with it because nobody can be bothered to read the fine print… the devil is in the detail.

There are four types of lie in the world, the white lie, the bare faced lie, the half truth and the myth. The myths of this world are the hardest to defeat. Some things can be both true and mythical. But myths which are false exist because there is a reason to keep up the pretense, they are usually propagated because someone somewhere is making a hell of lot of money out of them.

That’s why Catholicism has a head start. Priests are generally poor and have to take a vow of celibacy. What’s in it for them? A long life of fairly thankless hard work. Members of the early Church stood a good chance of being ostracized and tortured to death (sadly just as converts from Islam can suffer to this very day). Interestingly it was when the Church was at its most powerful and rich that it was also at its most corrupt. When second sons of noble houses figured they could strike it rich by taking the cloth we ended up with a slew of dodgy bishops so much so that few who weren’t bent were Sainted.

So the moral of the story is beware the myths of our age, the philosophies of our age. Thinking about it that was the theme of the second reading from today, that God sees through the ‘wisdom’ of our age and recognises it for the tosh that it is. See I was paying attention.


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