Well my hunt for a relaxing game to play has been an almost abject failure, I started playing x-com again. This time I think I’ve got the game sussed out, I haven’t lost a single soldier, I’ve shot down every UFO and most importantly I haven’t lost a single country to the Alien invasion. Having said all that this is on the normal difficulty setting. (Which when I first played the game I thought was more than hard enough). There are two more difficulty settings, classic and Impossible. I won’t bother with impossible, I’m not sure my blood pressure could cope with it, I might give classic a go but I’ve heard it is very hard indeed.

I’ve heard there is a relaxing game called Banished, where you manage a small band of colonists in the new world and you build a village, there is no combat and everything goes at a slow and smooth pace. Unfortunately its brand new and is $20, which for an 90mb game is a bit steep. Maybe I should look into Tropico 4, but I played Tropico 1 back in the day and remember it being painfully difficult… Hmmm maybe Settlers 2 10th Anniversary edition?


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