So then, it looks like the revolution has stuck in Kiev but Russian speaking armed mobs see things rather differently in the Crimea. If Ukraine drifts into civil war will Russia intervene? Who knows and to be honest it might not be such a bad thing if it did. Vladimir Putin, for all his faults, his authoritarian egoism, his jingoism and his homophobia, he does have the courage of his convictions and he cares more for the fate of his next door neighbour than the EU ever will.

Would the EU ride to the rescue of Kiev. No it would not. By the time the EU decided on how to word its stern letter of rebuke the T-90 tanks would be rolling through the suburbs of the capital. I hope this doesn’t happen, and on balance of probabilities it is less likely because I don’t think Putin is stupid, but history has shown that it only takes a few days and a few hot heads and a war breaks out. I think watching the media trying to work out how to tell the masses what is going on is going to be interesting though, even amusing in a darkly comic sort of way.

Bias in the media is an interesting thing, really it shouldn’t exist because everyone should treat a source, any source, as a subjective point of view. Everyone should know this, I feel a bit of an idiot having to mention it at all. That’s why FOX news is consistently voted the most trusted news source in America, it wears its agenda on its sleeve, it does not claim to be neutral, it is a bastion of red blooded conservatism in a milieu of left leaning liars. Sure some of the views espoused by its talking heads are objectionable, but they argue fervently in favour of free speech. Quite simply, you get what you paid for.

The BBC on the other hand claims neutrality, which is the most staggeringly absurd thing about it. But not only do they claim it, but even more dangerously, people believe them. Whenever I see a BBC news report it makes me want to tear my hair out. It is sentimentalised BS that frequently refuses to report a simple fact.

A fact is: who, what, when, where, how with the exact source of the information and the time and date they gave it to you. So if 47 people died in a plane crash ten miles north-west of Timbuktu don’t say around 50 people died in a plane crash somewhere near Timbuktu, then have a map of Mali with Timbuktu written in red bold capitals covering half the map with no notion of where it actually is.

If this abject failure to convey a simple fact stretches to areas where the BBC doesn’t have any agenda then how much worse is it going to be in an area where the BBC is hip deep in its own faulty reasoning, e.g. climate change, the cuts or anything remotely political. Speculation as to why something has happened should be mentioned but clearly differentiated from the actual facts of an event.  I think it all stems from how the BBC is funded, by menacing old ladies with thousands of letters. The absurdity of the TV licence is forcing hundreds of thousands of people to pay to be told what to think by a bunch of lefties. It is the mother of all tax payer funded pressure groups.

A friend of mine posted a picture on Facebook of an illegal Palestinian settlement being demolished in Israel. I gave some long and convoluted answer. I forgot to simply mention the hundreds of illegal Jewish settlements that were demolished in a futile attempt to bring the Palestinian authorities back to the negotiation table. There is bias in choosing to report some things and not others and in how much weight you give a story. This is a lot harder to point out, because the facts of the Palestinian villages being bulldozed are there for all to see, but it comes along with a stubborn silence in reporting the other side of the story.

So anyway, yes, we’ll get a very western gloss over the events in the Ukraine, the reason why we call Ukraine ‘the’ Ukraine is because it simply means borderland, and I’m pretty sure they meant the edge of Russia not Europe. There will be more than two sides to this story, I wonder if we’ll ever hear the half of it?

The headline on the Telegraph website today read: Ukraine accuses Russia of invasion. You’d be forgiven for thinking the balloon had gone up, as it turns out its a few armed goons in the Crimea… who just so happened to speak Russian, like almost everyone else in the Crimea… have momentarily taken control of a couple of airports and are standing ‘guard’ over its regional assembly. Thankfully there are a lot more things that will have to go wrong before we end up in world war three, lets hope to God they don’t happen.


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