Obama outmanoeuvred once again

Well it looks like the crisis in the Crimea has some kind of exit strategy. The Crimean parliament has called for a referendum on joining Russia. To be honest this is what needed to happen, and doesn’t the president of the USA look petty opposing it? saying “We are well beyond the days when borders can be redrawn over the heads of democratic leaders,” erm, yes Mr Obama, the revolution in Kiev was hardly in line with the Ukrainian constitution and threw out a democratically elected leader, didn’t think about that did you? Complaining about the Ukrainian constitution and that non entity called international law seems ridiculous when this is the only step which might get everyone to stop pointing guns at one another. You asked for de-escalation don’t complain when you don’t like what it looks like.

Isn’t it funny how international law is only ever brought up when it suits people? over the years its been pretty hilarious (in a darkly comic sort of way) to see that international law is largely nebulous, and seems to always disappear when it suits powerful nations. America isn’t much better than anyone else, in fact its violations receive a lot more press coverage so they are better known. Mainly because America has free speech, free press and ideologically supports international law which makes it very inconvenient when it wants it to be swept under the rug. Basically international law doesn’t exist for the powerful, that is why Russia and China ramp up their defense spending year by year at an alarming rate and why Europe’s voice in these matters is increasingly pathetic.

America is the only country that could reliably hammer China and Russia  in a war (probably both at the same time) America’s military is staggeringly massive and more importantly far more technologically advanced. People don’t quite understand how far ahead the US military is technologically speaking. The Eurofighter was already a full generation behind the F-22 even before it came into active duty. US attack submarines alone could win a naval war with the entire world in a matter of weeks because they are so quiet. Each US aircraft carrier has more firepower than most countries in the world and they have ten of them, not to mention each of them are surrounded by groups of supporting ships bigger than the entire fleet of most countries.

But Americans are tired of being the world’s policeman, decades of war in the Iraq and Afghanistan and what do they have to show for it? not a lot. The West, particularly Europe needs to sit up and take notice. If we reduce our armed forces down to nothing our geopolitical enemies will have a field day like these past weeks and might want to make them a regular occurrence. The biggest problem with going unarmed is that it causes you to be despised. Our entire army is smaller than the 150,000 men Russia has rumbling around the Ukrainian border on a military exercise… Its all very well wanting to live in peace but at the moment Europe is looking like its inviting a mugging.


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