A good week to bury idiotic news.

With all the brouhaha over the Ukraine a couple of things passed by without receiving the withering scorn they deserve.

Item 1) worried that people increasingly don’t like that their lives are being dominated by unaccountable apparatchiks in Brussels Angela Merkel has a solution. Brainwash their children.

Item 2) worried that in further researching the chimera of “man made global warming” people are finding it to be a load of hooey, our Energy and Climate Secretary came up with the evenhanded and reasoned response: “shut it!“.

Yes isn’t the world a wonderful place, where if you are losing an argument you simply brainwash your opponent’s children or insist they stop shaking your fragile little fantasy world by shutting up. As for the former, it works. I went to a very red university, but this is almost certainly nothing in comparison to the universities my parents studied in at the height of Thatcherism. It is perfectly understandable to rebel against the government when you are at university. I’d say its almost a requirement. You are young, idealistic, and know better than everyone else about how the world should be run.

But in that case something odd is happening with regards to Red Ed who is still probably going to scrape a win at the next election. This current generation’s mindset was formed under Tony Blair. But when they decided that Tony wasn’t very nice, and naturally rebelled, they had to turn somewhere else, but going Tory was still despicable thanks to the liberal stranglehold on the TV so the only way to turn was further to the left or to the Libdems (who everyone now seems to loathe).

This phenomena is not helped by Clegg and Cameron being Tony Blair clones. So we have the crazy situation where the party that exploded the deficit and lumbered us with massive national debts, making spending cuts inevitable and painful, is going to be re-elected after only a single term in opposition. Not only are they not repentant they believe they should have spent even more of our now very dubious credit and intend to do just that if and when they return to number 10.

There is an alternative, a third way if you like. The Tory party needs to find a working class conservatism. I have encountered a fair few conservative ideas which would primarily benefit those struggling to get somewhere in life the, Conservative party should pursue them with ferocity. There are signs of this happening (though not from within Downing Street). The immigration minister was 100% right to point out that the rich benefit from immigration and the poor generally speaking suffer, now if only he’d do something about it.

This is not about racism. Unregulated borders means that wages are depressed. Our economy is getting bigger, but the people at the bottom aren’t getting any wealthier. This is what Pope Francis was talking about, there is no trickle down effect, the glass just gets bigger. If you regulate the borders the people in an economy can benefit from its success. It doesn’t matter what colour those people are, or what languages they speak on the bus, controlling immigration is the only way to benefit the immigrants already here who want to make a life here.

To halt immigration would be disastrous, thankfully the UK will always benefit from immigration because this country is the cradle of modern democracy, we enjoy so many freedoms denied so many around the world, we have an exceptionally vibrant culture, we have a rather generous benefits system (which incidentally can only be kept afloat by limiting immigration) and we are one of the least racist countries in the world.

Britain has a curious legacy from its days of Empire. There is a subconscious belief that people should be able to come from the four corners of the world and infuse our national identity with their culture and become British, this is a very good thing, but again this immigration needs to benefit the immigrants, it must not be so the rich can pay the poor slave wages. Why has nobody put this argument across like this?


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