More musings on Catholic queerdom.

Well my change of heart on the whole gay/religion question has some interesting consequences and potential difficulties.

The first is, if I want this revolution to stick, I really need to come out the closet at Church. That’s going to be tricky. I’ve heard several stories recently about closet homosexuals causing no end of trouble at Church from both Catholics and protestants. At least I’ve limited the damage to myself as far as I can tell but I still need to come out. This leads me to wonder how will my priest and my Catholic friends at my parish handle the news? Since I’ve had a fair few negative experiences coming out to people in the past there is no reason to expect this will be a smooth process.

Secondly I need to tell my body that this doesn’t necessarily mean there will be more sex for me. I still believe in no sex outside a loving committed relationship. I guess I also need to keep in mind that I am still bisexual. A pretty Catholic girl said a very sweet hello to me on Monday. Immediately I am struck by how difficult it would be to explain to her without scaring her off. If I dated her I’d probably end up trying to keep it secret to the ruination of myself and most likely the relationship.

Thirdly, this revelation hasn’t gotten me any closer to answering the question of what to do about the transsexual issue. Life is never easy huh?


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