Fruitless PC quest

Buying a PC is virtually impossible these days it seems. I have spent hours this weekend looking at the specs of every possible component.
It rapidly becomes apparent that retailers are complete bullshit, if you want a decent pc you have to build it yourself.

So I designed a PC on PC Parts Picker UK, then found out that basically AMD chips are utter rubbish so I’ve had to start again from scratch. As it turns out Intel motherboards are cheaper so they even out on price anyway.

Talking of starting from scratch I’ll be able to take my hard drive and dvd drive into the new machine, that’s it. My current graphics card isn’t too bad, but its AGP, which no longer exists in the world of motherboards. I won’t even be able to use this screen since its got a VGA cable and VGA went the way of the dodo a long long time ago. Only problem is, I can just about afford the PC, but a PC and a monitor? forget it.

I’ve researched RAM and found out that there isn’t much point in spending mega bucks on it, you raise the clock speeds and their latency goes up… and latency is not a good thing, especially for gaming. I still have no idea how much I actually need, probably less than on my spec if I’m honest, but if I’m going to upgrade the ram in the future I don’t want to have to throw the old stuff out so I don’t want rubbish.

I’ve discovered that windows 7 home 64bit has a totally arbitrary RAM cap so I’ll have to go for windows 8 only I’ve heard there might be added compatibility problems for older games and at the moment I’ve got nothing but old games…

I spent ages looking at geforce gtx 750 ti graphics cards, which are relatively new, only to find out they are significantly worse than geforce gtx 660 or even 650 ti boost cards released a good while back. What the hell is going on with the world? why should something newer be worse???

The same goes for processors. AMD is dying as a company, but now both AMD and Intel are going after the mobile market. They are both about to put (not particularly good) graphics cores on their processors. For a PC gamer who has a graphics card this is dead weight in the extreme. Never mind Intel have already been sandbagging for years because they have no real competition. So I’m probably going to buy a i5 3.5GHz quad core… which doesn’t sound as epic as it could be if Intel had been working for their money these last few years. Why aren’t the higher end chips going down in price? because innovation has ground to a halt.

Anyway, if you think this is all beginning to sound a bit manic, then you’d be right. I finally have a budget to make a go of it only to discover that even a considerable amount of money won’t quite do it. So anyway, if anyone has a copy of windows 8 or a screen going spare with modern connections/ports/cables etc on it let me know. I’ll be your bestie 4evar!


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