Repeating history.

First they came for the gays, then the Ukrainians, now the Catholics. Crimea probably always was Russian (though how many actually wanted to join Russia is very difficult to say), but the way Russia has pursued its objectives is distinctly creepy. A totalitarian propaganda campaign stirring up mob violence which is then used as a pretext for the use of military force. Its all very Nazi Germany. The way the Russian Orthodox Church is a tool of the Kremlin is perhaps the saddest aspect of it all. It reminds me of a line from Battlestar Galactica, all this has happened before and it will happen again. Humanity never learns.

In other news Nigel Farrage and Nick Clegg had a TV debate. Which Clegg probably won, but nobody cares because for the most part people have already made their minds up about the EU. There are a small group who are rabidly in favour, a bigger group who are rabidly against, and the rest labouring under the delusion that the Brexit would be a disaster for British business. No it would not. Europe needs our market more than we need theirs, if they are willing to cut their own noses off then that is up to them but since it would sink their floundering economies and their idiotic Euro currency project I very much doubt it.

Its like people saying we should impose economic sanctions on Russia, we have 20 billion of Russian investment they have 40 billion of British investment, an economic sanctions war would be economic suicide and we are one of the European countries least dependent on Russian gas.

One positive upshot of the crisis in Crimea is that America seems inclined to export cheap gas to Europe. For those of us with ludicrous energy bills I can say thank God! Thank God for fracking! and the sooner we start exploiting our vast reserves of shale gas the better. All the eco-loons in favour of crippling the industry should be sent to live on a commune without electricity and gas for six months… it’ll be like the Amish. Heck, make it a reality TV show, I might even watch.


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