So then, its gay marriage day.

So then, it has come to pass, and there is no going back now. I have mixed feelings about gay marriage, part of me thinks its misappropriating a word. I know the Catholic Church will never bless a gay marriage and I’m fine with that.

On the other hand I also don’t think the Catholic Church should be in the business of telling non Catholics how to live their own lives unless they are hurting others, especially since civil marriage and Christian marriage parted ways a long time ago. I also think with the Church’s record its fairly dicey territory because the motivation to me seems rather clouded. Does the Church believe gay people will go to hell for obeying their conscience and forming loving committed relationships? If so then its rather sad.

The Church could do a lot more to respect gay people, and their life choices. Maybe one day the first thing a gay Catholic will do on coming out of the closet won’t be to lapse.


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