More thoughts on gay marriage.

So then, giving it a bit more thought. I’m not massively in favour of gay marriage. But I tell you what I am in favour of. The discussion it provokes and the change in culture it helps to promote.

I had a Facebook exchange over the past few days with a Dominican priest, who had fairly backward notions of the nature/nurture debate. He also confused bisexuality with people discovering they weren’t gay after all… and for the first time I felt free to really argue the queer corner.

There is so much progress that still needs to be made on mainstream Christian views towards homosexuality. Gay marriage puts those debates on a more equal footing. Like it or not, society has finally admitted that these pesky queers are here to stay. Now its only a matter of a few hundred years before the Church does the same.

In other news the IPCC has published another one of its idiotic reports on ‘global warming’. Yet again the summary for policy makers is a lot more warmist than the contents of the actual report. Yet again the report hides nuggets of info inside that are damning to the whole warming cause. This time that the cost of global warming will be vastly smaller than previously estimated which makes a mockery of all the hideously expensive (and useless) measures to avoid said warming. Not that there is any recorded warming anyway… but they were never going to admit that were they?

So yes, we’ve had Rowan Williams and Ed Davey spouting prophecies of doom that bare no relationship to reality… The more tenuous the global warming argument the more fervent its fanatics will become. This is the very definition of cognitive dissonance.

I expect ten years from now, the mainstream will finally catch up to how much hooey they’ve been promoting and we’ll spend the ten years after that examining how the world could fall for such a massive failure of critical thinking.

I also wish the news would stop printing stories of that Malaysia airways plane until they actually find it. What is the point of posting a headline every time a plane spots some rubbish in the Indian ocean? I’ve got news for you, there is a lot of rubbish floating around in our oceans. Stop torturing the families who have lost children and only print hard information!

There has also been a few reported suicides recently, I really wish they wouldn’t. Its so depressing. What is the point of reporting suicide? for one thing it triggers suicidal ideation in at risk groups.


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