*sigh* Tolerance

I just had a totally weird Skype conversation with someone who came out with a metric ton of misogyny then when I told him that unless he was joking I didn’t want to know him he complained I was being intolerant. Long and short of it I’ve just blocked someone I’ve known for quite a long time. I might unblock them in a while to see if they have reconsidered their backward views but they shouldn’t hold their breath.

This is not how tolerance works. Being tolerant means I don’t hurt or kill people for having different beliefs to my own. It doesn’t mean I have to listen to their BS! what is wrong with the world? This massive tidal wave of entitlement. “I’m entitled to be a bastard because that’s just who I am”. No that’s not how it works. If you are a bastard everyone else is entitled to have nothing to do with you. You can say what you want but you have to accept the consequences for what you say.

And this person was wondering why they are unemployed…



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