So then its been a few days. I’ve been bombarding a website with posts on their forums. Its been totally addictive. The reason? The people there are genuinely lovely. The website http://www.gaychristian.net

Even in just a few days I’ve been feeling much better! Basically its been like losing a huge weight off my shoulders, my mind, my soul even. I feel free to be happy again.

There are interesting little subcultures on the forum too, there are Side A and Side B. Side B are the traditional perpetual chastity people. Side A is for the people who see nothing wrong with gay relationships. And I’m very much Side A now. I’ve just seen too much needless misery in others and myself from side B thinking. *cough* Courage *cough*

I am still not sure if I should come out to my parish priest and friends at my parish… but now I’ve met Christians who are walking the same road as I am I’m beginning to question whether I need to.

People should check out the website. Read what the people post. This should not just be an abstract debate. We are real people. We are genuinely trying to live our faith as gay Christians. People need to know our names, listen to our stories, see our pain. Then maybe they’ll reserve judgement to the God who made us.


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