Dead as a Greek poet.

It is oh so gradually dawning on our illustrious prime minister, that stealing thousands of pounds then threatening journalists who expose the crime, is, well, a crime. The irony of all this is that Maria Miller, a woman who’s achievements in the cabinet probably couldn’t fill a thimble (this is the woman who merely did Cameron’s bidding on gay marriage and Levenson) but she may well have done serious damage to the Tory party’s re-election chances.

Our government was just beginning to become credible, the economy is recovering, the budget was well received except by Ed Miliband who seemed like he was looking for an escape hatch of some kind. Cameron was even making sensible noises over wind farms and such, in a rare sign of sanity on the subject.

But none of this matters if voters simply cannot stomach pulling the David Cameron lever at election time. Put quite simply, David Cameron and Nick Clegg were already so unpopular they are electoral liabilities. To the extent that in the polls the public agrees with most of what the government is doing, but Labour still has a clear poll lead. Ed Miliband and Nigel Farage are both clowns, but clowns are more popular than smug self serving automatons.

Now Ed Miliband can paint Cameron as being out of touch, and he’ll be absolutely right. The irony of it all is that Labour came off worse from the expenses scandal than the Tories but none of that will be remembered. By standing by her Cameron has tarnished his already muddy toff image and the damage is probably irreparable by now. This Etonian loyalty he has for his minions doesn’t look flattering when the public’s money is being stolen, it just looks like him looking after his own.

In world news, when are people going to recognise that a two state solution will never happen in Israel? that its as dead as Greek poet. Its been clear for months that the negotiations were going nowhere, now it seems John Kerry is blaming Israel the only thing keeping Israel at the negotiating table (their friendship with America) has been squandered.

The Palestinian authority were never going to go for it, they are still incapable of even recognising Israel’s right to exist, never mind make the concessions necessary for negotiations to stand any chance of coming to fruition. Even more problematic is the fact they don’t even speak for Gaza which is currently controlled by Hamas, a terrorist group.

Why should Israel release terrorists at huge political cost to further these pointless talks? Also we shouldn’t listen to the UN on the issue of Israeli settlements because on this issue the Arab world have conspired to make idiotic rulings on what Israel can and cannot do on its own land.

Israel should be free to build houses where ever it wants on its own territory just like every other country in the world. People also forget that Israel demolished thousands of settler homes in the past in a vain attempt to bring their opposite numbers to the negotiating table, again at huge political cost, and look what that got them, absolutely nothing.

The Palestinian authority can apply to the UN for all the recognition it wants, if it won’t talk to Israel in good faith for a lasting peace it will never achieve anything for its people. The only solution with any feasibility is a one state solution, but we are going to have to wait two or three generations for this current crop of leaders to die first.


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