So then, Maria Miller has resigned. These days it seems you know you are getting the boot when the PM gives you his “full support”. Why did he say something so daft? This woman not only defrauded the public of thousands of pounds but tried to intimidate the journalists investigating her. Why does the PM insist on standing beside someone when the entire country can see that her position is utterly untenable? Just how detached from reality is he?

In queer news, I’ve been seeing fallout online from the Mozilla, Eich resignation. I think its been a wake up call, the gay community has proven it is more than capable of being vindictive and intolerant. It is already galvanising opposition to gay marriage and gay rights. Two things I think are separate issues but most gay activists don’t.

From now on when a real honest to God gay rights issue appears people will be able to point to Eich and say, “look what happened to him, we should do the same to people we disagree with”. Its especially bad news for gay people in Church ministry positions, the gloves are off now. Clearly being in the right isn’t good enough anymore, now we have to purge people who voice opinions we don’t like. Its a sick sad world.

In world news, the twentieth anniversary of the Rwandan genocide has come to pass, at the same time the entire world is sitting by and watching the unfolding horror of the Syrian civil war. The world said “our intervention will only make things worse” now its clear our intervention couldn’t possibly have made things any worse, but may have been the only thing that could have stopped the ever downward spiral into barbarism occurring in that country. Its all well and good praying for peace, but if we are not prepared to do anything to bring it about then our prayers are empty.

In other news, the MoD is trying to suppress a book about learning lessons from the deployment in Helmand province, Afghanistan. They are suppressing it under the pretext of confidentiality, for facts that are already in the public domain. Just how much contempt for our troops does the MoD have? They issued a statement saying they have learned lessons, obviously just so long as those lessons are never mentioned publicly ever again…


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