Well I’ve had three negative experiences with Facebook this week. The first was merely having my comment deleted for questioning an idiotic left wing poster attacking Nigel Farage.

Left wing lunatics do everything in their power to close down free speech, that shouldn’t surprise me. But the brazen nature of it did. This country is not having any debate because the left will not allow it. Democracy is dying as a result.

The second was an invitation to the Navajo Merseyside & Cheshire LGBTI Chartermark Consultative Partnership annual award ceremony. I had the temerity to ask what exactly did the Navajo have to do with queers in Merseyside & Cheshire. To which I received a very rude reply. Seems to me it was a perfectly fair question.

The third happened when I finally posted my budget gaming PC design on Facebook, and a good friend of mine shared it with his friends (who all think they are tech wizards) and I ended up being harangued by a bunch of complete strangers.

Now Facebook is a very useful social tool, for staying in contact with people you’ve met in real life, but clearly I need to stop interacting with strangers on there because the amount of frustration these cretins are causing me is totally disproportionate to the amount I should care (ie not at all).

So anyway, now I intend to leave very sharp rejoinders and insta-block people who annoy me… Opinions are like arseholes, everybody has one. Life is too short to actually interact with these people. They need to be told where they can stick it and left to wallow in their own juices. From now on it shall be like water off a ducks back.  ^.^


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