Wasps and Scorpions

David Cameron has mentioned Christianity twice at Easter, and the lefty secularist elite are having a fit. They’ve decided that writing an open letter to our prime minister telling him shut up is the way to protect liberalism in this country. (I wish open letters would go the way of the Dodo, is there anything more pompous?)

But isn’t it wonderful to see such a clear example of people telling other people to shut up in the name of tolerance. It has that juicy hypocritical symmetry to it. Like the proverb; it is better to remain silent and be thought a fool than open your mouth and remove all doubt. It is always a sight to see people who would rather do the latter with such gusto.

In a free and liberal society, anyone should be free to talk about their religion at any time and place (so long as their religion doesn’t recommend killing or harming people…) people are free to vote for David Cameron or not based on what he says.

Personally I think the damage gay marriage did to the conservative base of voters means David Cameron “doing God” a couple of times will not save him at the ballot box. It might stem the bleeding however.

Nothing is going to save the Tories in the European election, UKIP is going to clean up, but when it comes to general election people might be thinking, “I know Cameron screwed us with gay marriage, but he’s not a rabid atheist like Red Ed” and they just might pull the Cameron lever.

This brings us neatly to the news that radical islamists have been taking over schools in Birmingham. By all means silence the Prime Minister for talking about his personal faith, but when it comes to brainwashing children with religious extremism where are the secularists when you need them?

Why the double standard? two reasons spring to mind, the first is that they are cowards, the second is that really they are both in league with the devil. As a Christian you notice how uncanny it is that rarely do the wasps sting the scorpions when both are barriers to the spread of the gospel.

As for Islam, westernised Muslims need to be given more support. It is Muslim parents who don’t want their daughters being treated like second class citizens, or their sons being told that jihad against the west is a valid part of their religion. We need to get in the game culturally, this isn’t a problem that will just go away by itself. Qatar has Al Jazeera, we need to do better than the BBC.


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