Saints JP2 & J23 and the politics of canonisation.

So then, JP2 is now Saint JP2. I can’t help but feel that this is more than a bit too soon. They should have given it more time. In fact I think it was too soon even for John the 23rd (especially since a second miracle is yet to be ascribed to his intercession according to Wikipedia).

I also hate to be on the side of the rabid lefties, but what does it say about the papacy if the pope didn’t know what was going on in regard to the sex abuse scandal? I’m sure he was in denial about it at first, then when he discovered the extent of the scandal he was literally mortified in the sense that he practiced self flagellation. I’m confident he tried to tackle the crisis in a way which wouldn’t destroy the reputation of the Church, but in his later life he was quite debilitated, thus the task fell to his successors.

But the Church has spoken infallibly and I am confident of the personal sanctity of John Paul the second. On the other hand I honestly don’t know enough about John the 23rd to fill a thimble. All I knew before I read his Wikipedia page was that he called the second Vatican council then promptly died. Probably a good move on his part because he didn’t have to watch the disingenuous interpretation of that council cause immeasurable damage to the Church he loved.

In reading his page on Wikipedia I discovered that he commissioned the 1962 missal, which is probably his biggest legacy to the Church and that he changed the Easter liturgy to remove the word perfidus from the prayer for the Jewish people. Helping to start the process of reconciliation with the Jewish people.

Will there be the same clamour to canonise Benedict the sixteenth I wonder? He is the Pope of my conversion, his faith, humility and wisdom have been apparent to all with eyes to see and ears to hear, in other words, by everyone bar the rabid lefties… Also it seems to me that he did just as much in his short years as pope as John Paul the second did in the decades of his pontificate. Maybe I’m biased?

But I have a nagging feeling that people will probably be quicker to venerate Pope Francis despite the fact I can’t think of anything concrete he has actually done yet. Why? Because the left is always much more keen to Saint its own than the right is. J23 was Time Magazine’s man of the year, as was JP2 and Francis… Note the conspicuous absence of similar accolade for B16.

Look at the way Barack Obama was treated as the second coming, again before he did anything of substance (and he hasn’t done anything of worth to this day except to end don’t ask don’t tell in the US military). Whilst Sainthood is not political, the canonisation process certainly can be.


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