The UK and the US is funding terrorism.

There is a tragic blindness in the west to the way the world works. Its why we weren’t effective in Iraq and Afghanistan and its why the Israel/palestinian conflict stood no chance of being resolved this time around.

The link highlights the fact that the Palestinian Authority, gives huge sums of money to convicted terrorists, made possible, because it is subsidised from abroad, including by the UK and the US. (yet another very good reason to abolish the foreign aid budget entirely)

Recently John Kerry and Barack Obama blamed both Israel and the Palestinians for the failure of the talks. I’m sorry but Israel isn’t giving 4%-6% of its budget to convicted murderers. You are not a “freedom fighter” when you are deliberately killing children and pregnant women.

Israel needs to be more careful about how it targets terrorists, making sure to eliminate civilian casualties, but Islamic terrorists actively seek to kill civilians and they are financially rewarded, massively, for doing so. This by the very people who were supposedly in ‘peace talks’ but were actually only in it to get a chunk of these terrorists out of Israeli jails. This isn’t a government in waiting, its a criminal gang.

The Palestinian authority needs to collapse. I’m sure it will be bad in the short term, but things will never change if we keep subsidising the status-quo. The Palestinian people need to throw out their leaders and make a new drive for peace with new leaders who sincerely wish to reject violence.

This is why I’m not particularly perturbed by the Palestinian Authority getting into bed with Hamas. They are both as bad as each other. In fact, now they are more openly wearing their terrorist credentials on their sleeves maybe it will open the eyes of those in the west who are so willfully blind as to be funding terrorism by proxy.


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