Split personality politics

There is a psychological disorder called split personality, commonly mistaken by the uninitiated as multiple personality disorder.

Split personality doesn’t mean that Bob and Derek occupy the same brain. It means that Bob can’t see the middle ground. Things are either very good or very bad. Split personality often leads to apathy and laziness because if something can’t be done perfectly it isn’t worth doing at all.

Anyway, recently I can’t shake the feeling that the UK and indeed the western world is standing on the edge of either a new enlightenment or a new dark age. The liberalism and modernism that the UK has been in thrall to for the last decade is ending. People are getting tired of a center-left government.

The question at the next general election will effectively be Tory vs communist. I wish I were over exaggerating when I said that. Ed Miliband’s solution to all our problems is state intervention. State controlled electricity prices, rent, and nationalisation of the railways… never mind all these things have long been proven to be counterproductive.

UKIP has arrived to relentlessly expose the shortcomings of this situation. I don’t believe they will win any seats in the UK parliament, but they don’t have to, they are gradually shaping debate. I was told in my politics class at college that one of the most successful small political parties was the green party, why? because they achieved almost all of they main objectives long before they got their first (and hopefully last) MP.

So things like immigration are being talked about, and all the left can do is scream RACIST, and its beginning to look very tired. Things like the EU are being talked about and people no longer accept the notion of devolving power to an anti-democratic institution that passes a myriad of laws that govern our daily lives.

The situation in Ukraine has woken up the western world to how vulnerable it is to military intimidation by a conventional military power. The ever growing power and reach of Islamic fanaticism is making the disengagement from the war on terror look weak and short sighted.

The utter uselessness of wind power is gradually being exposed to the masses. Even the greatest myth of the last twenty years, Anthropogenic global warming theory, is taking an absolute drubbing. It is finally sinking in that we haven’t had any measured global warming since 1997 which makes a mockery of all the computer models saying the North pole would have melted by now.

The question is, are we, as a society, going to choose to be rational in the face of the facts, or are we going to put our heads in the sand? Day by day these seem to be the only two options available. The is no middle ground anymore.

The left has taken us right to the brink of complete intellectual bankruptcy, and I’m not just talking about Labour, Nick Clegg and the Cameroons have also entertained all sorts of soft brained schemes drawn up on the back of a fag packet. There is nowhere left to go bar back to the 1970’s… lets hope people aren’t mad enough to vote for that.


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