Two weeks of hell

So the last two weeks of my life have been a living hell. I discovered that the DWP, for reasons passing understanding, decided I didn’t need frivolous things like food, or electricity, or really anything else.

They had arbitrarily reduced my benefit to a level far below subsistence living. Welcome to absolute poverty. I didn’t know what the meaning of the word despair was until now. I’ve been depressed a long time, but I’d never absolutely despaired before. It is totally crippling. Its like being hit by a ton of bricks. You can’t do anything about it, you can’t think clearly.

My Dad had wrangled with them at great length twice, and we’d thought the problem was sorted out, twice, only to be betrayed. Basically I’ve come to the conclusion that the jobcentre’s new set up isn’t remotely interested in helping people who are ill its about finding excuses not to pay out at all. Its deliberately designed to treat people on the ESA (sick) the same as people on the JSA (unemployed) to reduce their benefits and be an Iain Dun Smith success story.

Anyway, third time’s the charm, my Dad, who is superb at ball busting over the phone, managed to metaphorically get a hold on a manager in the labyrinthine bureaucracy and within 24 hours money miraculously appeared in my account. Shame the vast majority of it will immediately have to go on rent.

If you are mentally ill it is impossible to fight your own corner. If you hate yourself and want to die its difficult to explain to someone that you should be given any money. You have to fight tooth and nail to survive and if you are mentally ill you don’t have those resources left in you.

I don’t know how my immediate future will pan out, I’ve missed another work group meeting last week, (which is what started this whole thing in the first place) they said they would text me to remind me, they didn’t, but I’m sure that won’t be a factor. I’ll be the one to be screwed over I have no doubt. Never mind I’ve basically been bed ridden for a lot of this week because of the above situation.

Anyway. In brighter news the Libdems got destroyed at the local elections and UKIP did surprisingly well, I can’t wait to find out how they did in the European elections. I want them to clean up and they have a good chance of doing just that. The EU is profoundly anti-democratic, but if every MEP we send to the Brussels tells them “Non” then maybe one day somebody might listen.

Of course the Brussels apparatchiks live in their own little bubble, and why not, the vast majority of them aren’t accountable to any kind of electorate. They are already planning for Brexit. They deliberately drew up the Robin Hood tax on financial transactions to isolate Britain when it inevitably vetoes it. They want us gone.

What is more everything the pro-EU people have told us is a lie. People say the EU is good for business, good for trade. Actually it gives us less power to negotiate trade deals, not more, and it swamps businesses in red tape. Seriously expensive red tape. There are laws coming out of Brussels which almost every small business in this country has to ignore in order to survive.

Thanks to the EU we are becoming like communist China, where you have to break the rules and rely upon a bureaucrat turning a blind eye in order to survive as a business, and live in fear of the day when a bureaucrat will arbitrarily point to the rules and destroy you.

Britain’s trade with the Commonwealth is growing, our trade with the EU is stagnant, because Europe itself is economically stagnant. Finally there is an article in the Lisbon treaty which stipulates that any country leaving the EU must be given a free trade agreement (never mind not giving Britain free trade would be the final nail in the coffin of France for example). This lie about the EU being good for trade has been perpetuated for such a long time people believe it. Unfortunately we live in a world where the bigger the lie the more successful it is.


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