Oh happy day.

So then, I went to an amazing party on Saturday. Its one of those parties where I wish I was more extrovert because everyone there was lovely and I wish I’d had the courage to speak to them all. As it was, it was a riotous good time. The food was great, the booze flowed freely. (I managed to not get totally hammered too which is quite an achievement considering just how much booze there was.)

There was a bonfire, there was caber tossing, there was dancing, and at the end a girl and a guy who were clearly smitten decided to have a wrestle (that’s not a euphamism either). Her in a rather lovely long dress. It was comedy. There were many interesting conversations.

One that irked me though was this guy who displayed a staggering level of groupthink regarding religion. It was so dispiriting because he seemed like an intelligent guy.

He seemed to think that all religions were the same and from the same source. I’m sorry but really no. Jesus and Mohammed couldn’t have been more different. Jesus probably had more in common with Buddha than he did with Mohammed.

Mohammed was raised a pagan, had an army, actively encouraged spreading Islam via war even while his followers preferred peace. He had a huge number of wives, concubines and sex slaves. Mohammed consummated his marriage with his favourite wife when she was nine years old. Mohammed had a woman stoned to death for insulting him. Mohammed’s last words before dying in his bed were to curse the Jews… yet western politicians obsessively call this a ‘religion of peace’. I don’t buy it.

In political news UKIP have decimated their opposition in the European elections. I’m so happy I could spit! also across Europe there has been a rejection of the mainstream pro EU parties. Some voters have even turned towards fascism because they are the only parties that offer an anti-EU platform. I don’t believe Europeans have suddenly become more fascistic, people are fed up with being ignored when it comes to the EU.

We are so lucky in this country with UKIP which is not a racist party. Wayward UKIP candidates who make racist remarks are instantly banned. Not so with the Front Nationale in France or the Golden Dawn in Greece where racism is part of the party platform.


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