Stuff I do not give a shit about!

Recently I have come to the conclusion there are certain news articles I will not read for various reasons.

1) Articles about suicides. Suicidal ideation is really awful, unless someone is an A list celebrity I really don’t want to know, and even if it is I won’t read about it, I’ll just move on. My rebuke to my suicidal thoughts is “what a fucking idiotic thing to do”. “Things are tough right now so I’ll cap myself and never find out if things are about to get better”, give me fucking a break. GK Chesterton said that any sin is better than suicide, a diamond thief values diamonds, he just doesn’t value their rightful owners, a suicide rejects every diamond in the world, and every sunrise and sunset, every bird and animal, everything. Never mind the harm suicide does to family and friends.

2) So and so is offended by what so and so has said. I do not give a shit. Get thicker skin, grow some testes or ovaries for that matter. I do not give a crap. This especially covers comedians of any stripe. Making people laugh by making them uncomfortable and confronting them with the darkness we suppress which is lurking in the corner of the human psyche is a Freudian public service. Somebody will always be offended. Leftists constantly manufacture fake offence to silence anyone they don’t like. Let me say it again. I do not give a shit!

3) Scientists have found something out. Big fucking whup. I’m sure in a few weeks time some other scientists will have found out the exact opposite. Why? Because they all know how to distort data sets to find in favour of their hypothesis, and most of the people desperate to get their names in the paper to receive grants are shit scientists. After global warming it is nigh impossible to believe anything prefaced with a call to authority containing the word “scientist”. You want to convince me, show your methodology, the size of your data set, your margin for error.

4) Correlation doesn’t equal causality. This is the oldest error in the book. Do not tell me that a serial killer played World of Warcraft therefore World of Warcraft made him go kill crazy. Do these people have any idea how many people play computer games? if computer games caused violent crime we would be wading in blood by now.

5) And my latest bugbear is the term ‘rape culture’. There is misogyny and objectification of women in our society. But that is not a rape culture. A rape culture would be one where men are expected and allowed to rape women. I do not believe we have that, thank God.

The term ‘rape culture’ assumes that men are unthinking or unfeeling beasts. Rape is rape. By all means complain about misogyny and objectification of women, these are real problems that adversely affect women, please do not call it rape culture. If you are offended by our society with its smut and sexuality due to the premium it places on individual freedom (which is the soundest rebuke of rape) then I refer you to number 2 on this list.

That’ll do for now.


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