Games, Glorious Games!

So then, I have in fact joined a gaming club. Twice a week gaming club too! (technically I could go on Sunday evenings too but I altar serve the evening Mass at my parish).

The people are good, amiable folk, who don’t mind winning or losing and so far I’ve played a game called Vikings (which was terrible… moving swiftly on)

Witches Brew, which was pretty good. (a German card bluffing game)

I also watched a game of Shogun (which I was 45 minutes late for otherwise I’d have been playing that) it looked fantastic. A really well crafted game, which isn’t surprising since its based on Wallenstein which is apparently famous if you are into this kind of thing.

Finally yesterday I played Tales of Arabian nights, (I had to beg and plead to be let in the game, because it drags on a bit the more players there are) anyway Tales was very random, you only vaguely control events, but its a story telling game above all else, like a giant game of choose your own adventure.

I ‘won’ it in the dying seconds before I had to run to catch a bus. This despite the fact that I’d been forced to marry the son of a merchant early in the game due to honoring the strange customs of a foreign land. This left my character both grief stricken and married, both of which are severely bad things to happen in Tales.

Anyway, eventually I killed a giant on an island, got over my grief, had a baby, found out my father was the King of thieves, stole a magic spear, and charmed and courted lots of rich and fabulous people (my biggest skill was courtly charm of all things) then managed to get 10 destiny points and 10 story points, at which point I dashed back to Baghdad to win the game.

Anyway, yes, frankly its a game that depends on the storytellers, and would also benefit from being held in a room where nobody else is speaking about a Eurogame involving vegetables, and a Godfather card game that made being a mafia boss look rather tedious. So yes, I’m still so very glad I got to be an Arabian princess for the night.


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