Isn’t reading the papers depressing?

Sometimes I wonder if I should read the news at all. Its just one depressing story after another at the moment.

Rik Mayall has died at the relatively young age of 56. I’m not sure what to say, he will be missed. Genuinely saddening news.

Angela Merkel has got the hump because our dear leader David Cameron is opposed to the appointment of an arch federalist (Jean-Claude Juncker) to be head of the European commission. Cameron is desperately trying to cling to his half brained delusion that he can reform the EU so it gives up its dream of “ever closer union”.

The rabid Europhiles in the EU bureaucracy will stop at nothing to build their dream of a European superstate. They don’t care if Britain leaves, or if they destroy democracy in the process or gut southern Europe economically just as thoroughly as if Germany had invaded. The EU is a monster, but nobody is stopping its rampage despite the massive election turnout for any party opposed to it. In fact the reverse is true, the pro-EU establishment is plowing on with ever renewed desperation.

This is the kind of profound disparity between leaders and electorates which leads to people turning to extreme alternatives at the ballot box. If the Guardianistas hate UKIP they should be more concerned with Front Nationale in France and Golden Dawn in Greece who are openly fascist.

Also in the news is the ever more shocking details emerging in the story that Islamists have been taking over public education in this country. This is one of those rare situations where the cry of “something must be done” is very appropriate. At least we have Michael Gove as Education secretary. Probably one of the few ministers who has a spine. I hope the reaction will be effective rather than a halfhearted attempt not to offend anyone.

People are going to be offended when you tell them that actually we don’t want British children going to Wahhabi madrassas that have brought so much misery to the middle east. That actually our culture which celebrates diversity and the arts is superior to one which teaches that non Muslims are dogs, all art is blasphemous and that women are a very distant second class.

Talking of Islamism, the third biggest city in Iraq has been taken over by Islamic militants. Its actually worse than it sounds because the Iraqi government is still struggling (and failing) to regain control of Fallujah and Ramadi too. The race to escape Iraq by US and British forces may well have been a colossal mistake if huge swathes of the country fall to Al-Qaeda.

Finally I want to talk about somewhere where there really was a rape culture. Certain army units during the Bosnian wars used mass rape as a tool of terror to ethnically cleanse the land of their enemies. This was what a rape culture actually entails. William Hague, John Kerry and Angelina Jolie of all people, are actually doing something real on the issue. Well as real as a UN protocol is anyway. The question is, the next time this happens, will the western world stand by and let it happen. Oh wait its happening in Syria and the world is standing by.


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