2 steps forward 1.99 steps backwards.

So then, due to a cock up in my sleeping pattern, and anxiety due to being in the closet, I missed mass again. Twice in three weeks. This is not good. The irritating thing about it is that I only get worried about Church when I start realistically thinking about coming out to the people there. So I only get in this mess when I’ve made a bit of progress. Seems like 2 steps forward 1.99 steps backwards. Such is life I suppose. Certainly my life anyway.

Maybe it was just a bad case of pretty lesbian blues. Tell you what though, there’s incentive to have a sex change if I ever saw it. Not sure whether she’d want a transsexual when she could have her pick of the real thing though.

In Iraq news Tony Blair has said its not his fault. Well isn’t that a load off our minds. Actually Tony, whilst Saddam Hussein was a total bastard who needed a short drop and a sudden stop, he was also nominally Sunni, I’m not sure he ever gave a shit for Islam really but this Sunni militant uprising would not have happened if Sunni’s didn’t feel completely left out of the new ‘state’ of Iraq. You know Tony, the one you made such a mess of re-building. The one you and your pal Dubbya gave a totally unworkable constitution.

The country you trained and armed the military who subsequently defected or threw down their weapons and deserted the moment this mob came over from Syria. ISIS also originally cut its teeth in Iraq (as the ISI) against coalition forces, then went to Syria when that seemed a softer target (force-ably uniting with Al-Nursa, splitting with Al-Qaeda and radicalising whilst there). True Obama’s premature withdrawal from Iraq isn’t Tony’s fault, but the mess that precipitated that withdrawal was.


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