I’m still here

So then, I came out to my parish priest (in confession) and someone I go to the pub with after mass, who I had a hunch was gay too (and I was right). It feels momentous to finally be out of the closet to someone at my parish.

I’ve also been endeavoring to meet other queer Christians. Its been wonderful to talk to people who are well adjusted on the subject. We are still here. We aren’t going anywhere. Not many of us are Catholics and for the first time since converting it has made me ponder what I left behind.

The Anglican Church is gradually realising that gay Christians should not be treated as second class believers. The Vatican will never change. This is what frustrates me about Pope Francis. He may offer a softer tone on the issue, but when it comes to concrete action he’ll be nowhere to be seen. All talk and no trousers seems to be the theme of his papacy. He is the Barack Obama of religion.

Now that this final barrier in my mind is finally getting broken down maybe I’ll go see my GP about getting a referral for gender dysphoria. But not today. Today I have mostly been hungover. I needed a drink after therapy yesterday so I was a little bit far gone at board gaming club, too tired and far gone to play a deck building game called Glory to Rome.

To be honest I am getting bored of one guy dictating what we play especially since his preference is for tedious Eurogames and deck building games usually with minimal player interaction.

Before failing at Glory to Rome we played Kingsburg, which was long, boring, involving using dice as a worker placement mechanic. The short of it is that I was winning for the majority of the game, then came last based upon a single dice roll in the final round. It felt utterly pointless and arbitrary.

To round off the evening we played Love Letter. Which is a better game altogether, unfortunately its rather hard if you are slightly worse for wear on the booze. I did ok by pure luck but at least it had player interaction.

In other gaming news I finally received my copy of XCOM: Enemy Within, nearly a month after I ordered it. All for the sake of saving a few pounds, I’m fairly sure its the best strategy game I’ve ever played so worth the wait. Especially since I’ve finally hooked up my XBOX 360 to my HD monitor. It looks glorious. The colours are amazing, the picture quality is amazing. How did I go so long without it? I have a feeling it may make every game I own worth replaying, which is good because I can’t afford new games.

In sick and twisted world news Meriam Ibrahim and her husband were arrested at the airport when trying to flee Sudan. Just let them get out of your backward God forsaken shit hole of a country. I’m beginning to think that all Christians should be given a right to emigrate to the west. If we are going to fill our country with immigrants lets have immigrants whose religion fits into our culture rather than constantly conflicts with it.

In world cup news England haven’t won a single game. Just as I predicted. If England is to stand any kind of chance in international tournaments the FA need to invest massively into youth programs and limit how many foreign players football clubs are allowed to have.

Of course neither of these things will ever happen so the best we can hope for is sending young teams to tournaments in the hope they’ll gain a bit of experience that those playing for our opponents get in the premier league.


One thought on “I’m still here

  1. Excellent stuff. Try abstaining from drinking alcohol until Halloween. A spell on the dry before you plunge into your winter binge might earn you a chance to get your drinking into perspective. It’s always good to get one problem ‘out of the way.’

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