Doom and gloom.

Reading the news is so depressing. I wonder why I bother. Maybe somehow I think that if we become aware of what is going on in the world we are given the opportunity to change it. But can we really? I don’t know. Especially since to change it might require that we do the unthinkable.

A few days ago, the top four articles in the world news section of the Telegraph were all about Islamic violence and there were plenty more stories that never made the headlines. Why? Because its not really news. It happens so frequently that we are starting to edit it out. ‘That’s just the Islamic world’. Well its our world too.

When are people going to wake up and realise this rabid multiculturalism we have in the west is creating a fertile global breeding ground for the worst excesses of fanaticism? The west has allowed a brutal fundamentalist ‘state’ to rise out of the ashes of Iraq and Syria.

This new ‘Caliphate’ are now the richest and most powerful terrorist group in the world. This is the definition of total defeat in the war on terror, after all those thousands of lives lost, for us to surrender a huge chunk of the middle east to this group is treasonous. Isolationism is now in vogue in the west, but this ‘Islamic state’ won’t keep their murderous ways to themselves, they’ll be bombing our planes, trains and buses all too soon.

In other news three Israeli children were murdered in cold blood by members of Hamas. One of those children had American citizenship. What did Barack Obama say? nothing. What did Mrs Obama put on her twitter hashtag? nothing. What will the US state department do? Keep funding the Palestinian authority to the tune of $400 million dollars even though a lot of that goes straight to the perpetrators of the murder of Israeli citizens. Its a sick sad world.

Anyway, as of late my favourite blogger has been Mark Steyn, its good to know that somebody out there understands the extent of the mess our world is in. He’s well worth checking out.


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