In the interest of ‘balance’.

In the interest of balance, regarding Israel, I think I should say there has been news of what seems at first glance like a horrific revenge killing of a young Palestinian boy. Though whilst we are in the business of totally uniformed speculation there is also a rumour he was murdered by fellow Palestinians for being gay.

So what is the difference? Well the Palestinians have rioted rather than lighting candles, and the Israeli government, unlike Hamas, won’t be throwing a ticker tape parade for the killers but will be throwing them in prison if they are caught. The Israeli PM has condemned the killing.

I’ve also seen a bit of Islamic propaganda (that one of my old acquaintances liked on Facebook) talking about Israeli airstrikes on Gaza and how the media doesn’t report it. Of course what they neglected to mention is that they are attacking military targets, as opposed to the rockets that are regularly launched from Gaza aimed at civilian targets, which are reported even more irregularly.

As far as I can see rocket attacks from Gaza are only ever halfheartedly reported ‘in the interest of balance’ when Israel eventually responds after weeks of bombardment. We also forget that because of Israel’s early warning sirens lots of Israelis spend hours huddled in bomb shelters. What is this going to do to the children? teach them to love their Arab neighbours? I sincerely doubt it. We will see a new generation of Israelis more angry than the last.

Gaza would not be an ‘open air Palestinian prison’ if terrorists stopped trying to murder Jews. A certain amount of practicality has to be involved. If the people of Gaza want to be free, they need to overthrow Hamas, embrace peace, stop feathering the nests of terrorists and spend the money building a future.

The only problem with this is that its a complete pipe dream, they cannot be dissuaded from the way of violence, they have gone too far, and to quote Yoda, “once you start down the dark path forever will it dominate your destiny.” Even the supposedly more liberal wing of the Palestinian authority unity government, under Mahmoud Abbas, gives huge financial rewards to terrorists and their families.

Bar a miracle there is no palatable solution to this conflict, and as the rest of the middle east goes up in flames around them peace doesn’t seem to be a high priority to anyone anyway.


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